Perumarath Chathan Seva Madom - Om Namo Narayana

Om Namo Vishnumaya...

History of Perumarath Chathan Seva Madom

This Temple was consecrated very long ago by Perumarath Sree Guru Kunjitty Muthappan, who was an ardent believer and devottee of Vishnumaya (Chathan Swamy).It is believed that Vishnumaya appeared before Sree Guru Kunjitty Muthappan after rigorous Prayers (Thapasya) and promised him that he (Vishnumaya) will  look-after the devotees who come to this Temple with their problems and sorrows. Thereafter Sree Guru Kunjitty Muthappan and his family,  very  keenly worshipped and adorned Vishnumaya (Chathan Swamy),at Perumarath Chathan Seva Madom along with other Deities.

After the demise of Sree Kunjitty Muthappan, the next generation continued the same faith and devotion to Vishnumaya and other Deities with poojas and offerings.  Now, Perumarath Chathan Swami (VishnuMaya) is very dear to the devotees who strongly believe that,  they are being protected by him from their hidden dangers, sorrows and worries.  

The main deity of this Temple is Vishnumaya (Chathan swami), who sits in the shrine on the top of a strong, beautiful, black buffalo, holding two short sticks (Kuruvadies) in his hands. (Click here to read the story relating to the birth of Vishnumaya.)

Other deities of this Temple are Sree Bhadrakali (Kali), Sree Bhuvaneswary,  Karimkutty Swamy, Sree Panickarachan and Sree Guru Kunjitty Muthappan.

The Perumarath Chathan Swamy Temple (Vishnumaya Temple) is situated at Puthukkad Junction, near NH 47(Thrissur - Ernakulam route) 15 Kms.,towards South from Thrissur Town and 45 Km North of Nedumbassery International Airport